Third Party Commercial & Consumer Collection

When your clients continue to withhold payment, and you decide to place accounts directly into collections, our commercial debt recovery professionals immediately develop a strategy with the greatest likelihood for resolution. Canada Bonded collection procedures provide a systematic and professional approach to maximizing debt recovery. Third party collection claims are carefully followed through to a resolution through work plans utilizing letter and phone strategies. Our team of collection officers with more than 10 years experience provide exceptional recoveries.

Canada Bonded practices a high level approach to collection treating your customers ethically and professionally. This program has allowed our teams to achieve above average recovery rates that exceed our competition. We believe the old-style collection strategies and automated dialers have become redundant tools in the age of computers where consumers are bombarded with automated calling programs.

Our personal approach in conjunction with our specialized collection letters continue to achieve higher recovery rates. We augment this approach with automated dialing where appropriate (e.g. for the collection of very small balances).