Early Stage Receivable Outsourcing

Our outsourcing programs are extremely flexible allowing our clients a custom tailored program that fits their needs. Whether your business is standard, unique, seasonal or you wish to outsource only certain accounts from your A/R, we have solutions to meet your needs.

Advantages of Outsourcing:

1. Reduced Costs

Cost reduction is probably the single most important reason for outsourcing. CBA’s goal is to reduce your overall costs considerably. Take for example, a company that hires a salaried employee to manage its accounts receivables. In addition to a high salary, the company increases incidental costs such as UI and CPP and must pay for health and dental benefits. There are also hiring and training costs associated with managing your A/R internally. Outsourcing all or part of your “in house” A/R management functions to CBA means that we absorb all of these types of costs.

2. Growth/Flexibility

CBA’s outsourcing programs have helped many Canadian companies realize the full potential of their accounts receivable. With CBA’s A/R management expertise, your company’s growth will no longer be stifled by cash flow problems and a long DSO (Day Sales Outstanding).

3. Management Benefits

Outsourcing your A/R to CBA allows your management to concentrate on the core competencies of your particular company. Handling A/R management internally siphons off management’s resources and attention. Outsourcing allows your management to focus on your primary line of business and allows CBA to manage what it handles best: collecting your receivables.

4. Natural Segue into Collections

Using our outsourcing platform gives you easy access to transfer difficult accounts into the third party platform at the appropriate time when arrangements cannot be made to resolve the account. There is significantly less effort to place the account since we already have the pertinent information to begin our efforts from the third-party arena.