Our Services

Canada Bonded Attorney offers several different services to fully meet the needs of our clients. Read a little about each of these services below and click the link next to each to view more information about each service.

Investigative and Asset Location Services – Canada Bonded Attorney has an internal investigation team that can look deeper to find information that is vital in the resolution of an account. Click here to read more.

Litigation Services-Small Claims Court and Superior Court – Our litigations services program combines traditional collection methods with the ability to file and secure claim judgments, as well as pursue aggressive enforcement actions. Click here to read more.

Third Party commercial & Consumer Collection – We offer a third party commercial and consumer collection that is designed to get real results for your business. Click here to read more.

Pre-Collection Demand Letters – Pre-Collection Demand Letters have been shown to be exceptionally effective in the collection of past due debts. Click here to read more.

Early www Receivable Outsourcing – Outsourcing early on can save your business a lot of time and even money. Click here to read more.